Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 2

Ah, one of my favorites: Where do I want to be in 10 years? I've answered this so many times, and each time the answer was different. At 16, I said I wanted to be in the process of going to medical school. At 19, I wanted to be a high powered lawyer. And now, here I am at 22. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure where I want to be yet. I still want to be married, and I definitely want kids. But I don't know what else I want besides that. Do I want to be working full-time and utilizing my Business Administration degree? Or do I want to stay home and take care of our kids? Hell, do I constantly want to travel with my family? I can't answer that because I'm not there yet. And it's very hard to think that far ahead when my life could go in any direction. I have an idea, but it's subject to change. Then again, isn't life in general always subject to change?

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