Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 22

Let's see...I was 20. I was a sophomore in college. I had a ton of "friends", I was either going to a party or on a date every weekend. I was just focused on having on. I also didn't care about who I might've hurt in the process. I had a little bit of mean girl syndrome going on. I'm ashamed to say it, but it's true. I guess it was my way of dealing with my own self doubt and inadequacies. I was also obsessed and preoccupied with finding a boyfriend. That year I actually found 4 (yes, I know. Believe me, I know), and each one was more screwed up than the last. I saw all of that to say that I'm almost a different person.

I'm somewhat comfortable in my own skin. I'm not desperate to fit in, or play a character. This is me. I'm just a newlywed 22 year old that's trying to pay off her debts, and create a better future for herself and her husband. Now I prefer to stay home and just watch a movie. I have a couple of true friends, instead of having a ton of people that I just hang out with. I may not be as social, but I'm definitely not a bitch anymore. I speak my mind, but it's out of honesty and not pettiness. I've changed so much, but for the better. Isn't that what growing up is about?

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