Friday, December 24, 2010

Zombie Strippers. Includes lots of (disgusting) spoilers

For reasons still unknown to me, I decided to watch Zombie Strippers this afternoon. I had heard about it right before it was released, and of course I was curious. And...curiosity really does kill the cat (no pun intended). Somehow some zombie virus gets out. The beginning even gives you clues that this movie is going to be ridiculous. Apparently, the lab that the virus escapes from is right next to a strip club. Makes total sense right? Oh gets so much worse.

The infected zombie/soldier bites the star of the club, played by Jenna Jameson. And instead of immediately trying to eat the patrons of this lovely establishment, she gets the urge to...strip. And, because this movie makes a ton of sense already, everyone loves it. The owner, played by the awesome Robert Englund, decides she's his new cash cow. And other strippers get infected,  more patrons get eaten, you see lots of boobs (I can't help but feel like this was aimed at necrophiliacs)...that is literally the whole movie for about half an hour.

Finally we reach the climax: A showdown between the main zombie stripper and her competition. It's so over the top and gross that it isn't even funny. I kind of tuned out when Jameson starts shooting different sized balls out of her vagina as weapons. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how the rest of the movie ended, I stopped paying attention because I was so grossed out.

All in all, Zombie Strippers is B-Movie Horror at it's finest. Or worse, depending on how you view it. So, if you want to see gore, zombies strippers and decaying boobs, this is perfect for you. Otherwise? Never, ever watch this piece of crap.

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