Monday, May 2, 2011

Quick and dirty movie reviews pt 3

Albert Fish:
And now I start the documentary portion of my reviews. This one was good, I suppose. It's really hard to fairly review this given the subject matter: a child killer with a fetish for poop and pee. The movie is basically an account of when he got caught, and delves into his past. I think this is a movie for hardcore serial killer/morbid history buffs. I like horror movies, and I like gore. I don't like it when it's actually real.

The Business of Being Born:
Every couple that is pregnant, wants or is in the process of starting a family needs to see this movie. It's a real eye opener. I will say that wanting to give birth in a hospital isn't bad. I would like to think most women do their research first, and not do what people think they should do. Every one should see this movie.

Not the best in the world, but not the worst. I believe it was about several disappearances that occurred in upstate New York. It was kind of boring to me though. It went back and forth about what caused them. Was it supernatural? An escaped patient from the nearby mental hospital? I really don't know. It never clarified anything. This was like the film student's Blair Witch Project. It just wasn't that impressive.

American Meth:
I was saddened by this one. It's heartbreaking to see people broken down and strung out. But that's reality. It's raw and in your face, but it's effective. I saw give it a shot if you're curious as to what a meth addiction looks like. And don't do drugs. No one likes a meth head.

Very Young Girls:
I felt so uncomfortable while I was watching this. Girls as young as 11 or 12 being put to work as prostitutes. It does showcase a woman and her organization that try to rehabilitate these girls and get them off the streets. Unfortunately most of them relapse and go back to their pimps. I'm not going to make any jokes. It's not something that should be joked about. It's a serious problem, and it's all over the country. I commend that woman for working day and night to do whatever she can. And I hope others will follow in her footsteps. Only watch this if you want to see how bad things could get for girls in those situations.

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